Strategic collaboration, both within UCLA and with selected organizations outside of UCLA is a critical component of the DANCRF’s ability to accomplish its mission of delivering state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic care to pancreatic cancer patients.

The DANCRF team will collaborate with other pancreatic cancer research professional, within and outside of UCLA. Additionally, specialists within the UCLA community will be tapped for their knowledge and expertise. Indeed, our support of research in pancreatic cancer will involve a multi-disciplinary team effort. DANCRF will welcome collaboration that will enhance its efforts in research associated with pancreatic cancer.

Indeed the DANCRF has already begun to cultivate relationship with external partners, including the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System (VA GLAHS). The DANCRF will build on its relationship with the VA GLAHS in order to develop the new diagnostic capabilities for pancreatic cancer, and ultimately improve therapeutic procedures and related outcomes. DANCRF will also support training of clinicians and graduate students by UCLA in pursuit of the most favorable diagnostic testing for pancreatic cancer characterization. Additional collaborations with public and private agencies are anticipated in the future as the DANCRF carries out its mission.