The DANCRF will establish an Advisory Board, the members of which will be chosen by Drs. James A. Roseboro and Rubin Braunstein. This Advisory Board will be responsible for supporting DANCRF at UCLA by:

Working with Drs. Roseboro and Braunstein and future DANCRF directors and the UCLA Foundation to increase funding for operation of the DANCRF’s programs and to raise endowment funds for the foundation.

  • Providing leadership and liaison roles for other units of UCLA in order to better leverage related and complementary programs.
  • Providing guidance DANCRF’s design to help ensure the Foundation’s growth and excellence.
  • Serving as advocates for the Foundation as needed.

The Advisory Board will have no fiduciary responsibility and will have no formal approval over the use or direction of funds. The Advisory Board will not be limited in size, but will require active support. Members will be expected to demonstrate their support of the Foundation through personal contributions or commitments and a willingness to coordinate efforts with the UCLA Foundation.

The DANPCRF will establish an Executive Council made up of 5-9 members of the Advisory Board and will provide strategic advice to the DANPCRF. The Executive Council will meet quarterly or as needed to review progress against goals and annually to recommend milestones for the next two years. Members will be asked to provide business, marketing, development and other strategic or operational advice regarding current or planned operations, and to provide an independent evaluation regarding the Foundation’s progress and achievements in the context of the Foundation’s stated mission and goals. Members of the Executive Council may reasonably request an annual report which will include information which the Executive Council may reasonably request in order to perform an independent evaluation and to provide advice regarding future direction(e.g., future plans and goals; information on the effectiveness of proposed diagnostic techniques; indicators of outcomes in keeping with the Foundation’s mission and goals).